Challenge Yourself,
Challenge Your City


Is your community a resource hog?
Find a better way. Rewrite the rules of the game.

The CircularCityChallenge is more than just a project competition for a school grade. It is a chance for teenage students to become agents of change in a world that urgently needs circular solutions.

By participating in the challenge, you learn how to design fair solutions that reduce waste and pollution, reuse resources, and restore nature. You will also gain new skills, access relevant training, unlock networking opportunities, and have a chance to be heard and win great prizes.

Join the CCC today and be part of the circular movement that is transforming the world for the better.

Facilitators guide

Learn all the steps for facilitation of the process with your students.

Competition details

Check out the CCC rules and regulations for eligibility and judging criteria.

Find inspiration

See what others are doing in circularity and sustainability topics.